Business Mgmt Creatives

$395 all inclusive

Sessions take place via online conference, phone or in person at studio near Long Beach Island, NJ. *Bonus portraits & meal included for in person sessions only.


Each Coaching & Consulting Session includes:
+ 3 hours of one-on-one time
+ Personalized Prep-kit
+ Mini Portrait Session *
+ Lunch *
+ Ongoing support and community access


What you'll learn:

"Your head can be in the clouds as long as your feet are on the ground."

- Hobby vs. Business - which is right for you?
- Liabilities & contracts - How to protect yourself
- Trademarks
- Insurances and which ones you need
- Developing a Business Model that fits your Lifestyle
- Working from home rules
- Developing a mission statement (Finding your "why")
- Balancing your Livelihood - not just your money
- Creating Business Boundaries
- Organizational tips for Life + Business
- Logos, websites, blogs, fonts + colors and what to do with them
- Selling products without being a salesperson
- Networking in the industry authentically
- Client workflow & studio Management

Business Management for Creatives Overview

I have one of these. I am one of these. I totally get it. The words "Business Management" may not even be on your radar. But it totally needs to be. Without the proper business management systems in place, you might find yourself hating your camera, your paintbrush, your cupcakes, your accessories, fill in the blank. Running a creative business, as a creative, is difficult to navigate. It is difficult to turn a profit in a creative business. Taxes, Profit & Loss statements, licenses, insurances - these are all making your eye twitch just reading them aren't they? How much do you charge for your services? What should your packages be set up to be? How do you know when you are spending too much in one area? I can help you with a plan to tackle these things and get you right back to dreaming about design, landscapes, frosting, and paint colors.

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