Financial Mangement

$395 all inclusive

Each Coaching & Consulting Session includes:
+ 3 hours of one-on-one time
+ Personalized Prep-kit
+ Mini Portrait Session *
+ Lunch *
+ Ongoing support and community access

Sessions take place via online conference, phone or in person at studio near Long Beach Island, NJ. *Bonus portraits & meal included for in person sessions only.

What you'll learn:

"If you are going to spend your time and energy on it as a 'business', make sure its profitable. Period."



- The real differences of LLC vs Sole Proprietorship
- Understanding your Income Taxes
- Sales Taxes - How, what, when, who
- Easy Bookkeeping strategies
- Pricing and packages for long term profitably
- Small Business Tax Write Offs
- Balancing your Livelihood - not just your money
- Writing a 3 year Financial Plan
- Writing a 3 year Business Plan
- Determining your Personal Salary
- Small Business IRAs
- Financial workflow with ease
- Online Sales & Cash Management
- Personal budgeting that WORKS

Financial Management Overview

It's not about the money or achieving some sort of big financial success. And if you are looking to get rich, quick, then I am not the right coach for you. Building a business on a strong foundation takes time. I don't know about you, but if its not making money, I'd rather be baking cupcakes with my kids and spending time with my family. If it's not profitable then it's just a hobby that is taking over your life while you call it work. If it's a hobby then it's a hobby and let's set it up in a way that you can enjoy it, that it's not taking over your life, and that you aren't investing your personal funds and family budget. Are you spending so much time on your business but your bank account doesn't reflect that? Are you collecting enough money but don't know why there is nothing left over? Is your profit margin set up for a sustainable business? Coaching sessions in this area will focus on your priorities for your business's financial & organizational goals and determine the steps we need to take to get you there.

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