Photography Fundamentals

$395 all inclusive

Sessions take place via online conference, phone or in person at studio near Long Beach Island, NJ. *Bonus portraits & meal included for in person sessions only.


Each Coaching & Consulting Session includes:
+ 3 hours of one-on-one time
+ Personalized Prep-kit
+ Mini Portrait Session *
+ Lunch *
+ Ongoing support and community access


What you'll learn:

"A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel."

- Editing and retouching techniques
- Working with newborns & children
- Finding your style
- Mastering exposure triangles
- Client workflow & Studio Management
- Shooting on film

Photography Fundamentals Overview

Are you a budding photographer who wants to improve your skills technically? Are you interested in learning how to work with and pose newborns for photographs? Do you find yourself frustrated with editing programs or time spent editing your images? Would you like to improve your retouching skills to remove people, blemishes, backgrounds, etc? Are you looking for a way to find your photography style? Would you like to learn more about working with people? Looking for a way to sell to clients without being sales-y? Looking for the best vendors to print your images? Tools to help you track your new clients orders? How to network with other local photographers? Want to learn how to shoot with film? Maybe even develop your own pictures in a darkroom?

I'm sure you can fill in the blank with a ton of additional questions that have to do with portrait photography and I can help. My foundation in photography started in portraiture back when I aspired to be the next Anne Geddes and used to put babies in clay pots with flowers in their hair!(Sorry Noah, who is now 16 years old for allowing me to experiment with you good luck on your driving permit! Oh to have a copy of that picture now. lol) My love of babies and photography inspired me to experiment artistically since high school and after a failed attempt of life in a cubicle, I started pursuing portrait photography on the side many moons ago. It's crazy this little thing called photography ever changing in technology and in style but the fundamentals are still the same. Coaching sessions in this area will touch on these questions, and more, tailored to where you are at in your skill level and interest.

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