The Works

$395 all inclusive

Sessions take place via online conference, phone or in person at studio near Long Beach Island, NJ. *Bonus portraits & meal included for in person sessions only.


Each Coaching & Consulting Session includes:
+ 3 hours of one-on-one time
+ Personalized Prep-kit
+ Mini Portrait Session *
+ Lunch *
+ Ongoing support and community access


What you'll learn:

"If all difficulties were known at the onset of a long journey, most of us wouldn't start out at all."

- Anything you want.

- A little bit of everything, or a lot of something.
- You drive, I'll navigate.
- You get the idea.

I want it all - THE WORKS - The Overview

Maybe you are starting from scratch or maybe you should be. Maybe you are knee deep in a rebrand or complete remodel for your business and in the thick of confusion and want to touch on all areas. This coaching session will cover where you are at for your business overall and get you off the machine of suffocation and onto a plan. Baby steps. Well do it together.

for creatives

general small business