Wedding Photography

$395 all inclusive

Sessions take place via online conference, phone or in person at studio near Long Beach Island, NJ. *Bonus portraits & meal included for in person sessions only.


Each Coaching & Consulting Session includes:
+ 3 hours of one-on-one time
+ Personalized Prep-kit
+ Mini Portrait Session *
+ Lunch *
+ Ongoing support and community access


What you'll learn:

"Serve your business like it's the biggest client you will ever have."

- How to Charge Bigger Dollars with Fancy Lighting
- Creating a proper timeline that even your coordinator will love
- Off Camera Flash that anyone can do
- On Camera Flash that looks natural
- Marketing with Social Media
- Marketing with vendors for referrals
- Promotions & getting cheerleaders
- Client Workflow and studio management
- Posing couples and groups in a hurry
- Client experience from start to finish
- Album design quickly and efficiently
- Communicating with clients in all situations
- Writing a game day plan that WORKS

Wedding Photography Overview

Delivering a remarkable wedding photography experience for your client. Wedding photography is an entirely different market, client, and mindset. To run a successful wedding photography business takes time, dedication, persistence, massive organization, patience and people skills. (Not to mention the business financial side of things, like packages, pricing, etc) I initially learned the business of wedding photography working for a talented photography studio during the ancient days of film photography for weddings before it was the trendy and fun thing to do. Learning everything about the business from the client inquiry to final album delivery they were amazing lessons that I didn't even know I would be referencing all of these years later because they work. Since then I have taken those same lessons of building client foundations and translated them to my own wedding photography business. I have had every kind of experience from dealing with digital card failure on a wedding day, to having a cancellation the week before the wedding. From lighting the reception halls, to organizing a successful timeline, from working with wedding vendors for future referrals and how to help your clients have an amazing wedding photography experience. Coaching sessions in this area will touch on this in depth and more, about the ins and outs of delivering a remarkable wedding photography experience for your client.

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